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Our Values

Sonic’s global network of healthcare companies is united by a set of core values that reflect the care and expertise required to consistently deliver exceptional medical services.

Our values were established in early 2000 after broad consultation with 5,000 employees across all of our practices. Their collective responses were distilled into a set of core values that act as a roadmap of how we want to behave as a company. These values apply to every single Sonic employee, regardless of their role or their country of operation.

Our values remain as relevant today as they did at the turn of the millennium. Considerable time is spent on nurturing our corporate culture, and seeding it across new acquisitions so that we continue to remain true to our commitment of service excellence. Since 2004, SonicConnect has been responsible for fostering our internal culture and values around the world, and building on our reputation, collegiality and the strength of our people.