Sonic Healthcare USA Develops Novel Return-to-Work Protocol including Laboratory Testing Algorithms

Austin, TX – April 30, 2020

Sonic Healthcare USA's COVID-19 Taskforce Medical and Scientific Advisors have developed a novel Return-to-Work protocol consisting of laboratory testing algorithms intended to help guide employers and worksite health practitioners with their strategies to return workers and optimize ongoing monitoring and prevention.  

The algorithms are optimized for molecular PCR and serology testing performed at Sonic Healthcare USA's network of Clinical Laboratories.  They are designed to be deployed in conjunction with vigorous social distancing policies, syndromic surveillance and ongoing, and self-reported exposure risk assessment.  The protocol also integrates with the policies and procedures for COVID-19 workplace exposure, risk triage, and employee management established by the Advisors.

Sonic Healthcare USA's novel protocol consists of two main components:

  1. Initial screening of the workforce for active infection and establishment of baseline exposure status.
  2. Ongoing workplace surveillance to detect early infections, identify, and assess exposure risks.

The Return-to-Work protocol includes available consultations for our partners and clients who are looking to implement similar guidance based laboratory testing algorithms. The algorithms can be customized for specific worksite types and requirements.

"Our Return-to-Work protocol represents the depth of our collective medical and scientific expertise and real-world experience of our Advisors," said Phil Chen, MD, PhD, the Chief Strategy Officer and Head of the COVID-19 Taskforce at Sonic Healthcare USA. "Utilizing evidence-based data combined with an optimized laboratory testing strategy are critical components of this protocol, assisting our partners with their return-to-work and workforce assurance strategies," added Dr. Chen.

Sonic Healthcare USA will continue to update its laboratory testing algorithms to accommodate the most recent medical and scientific evidence, new testing methodologies, understanding of the COVID-19 disease, and specific test performance characteristics.  As a sustained leader in laboratory medicine, we will continue to develop and advance our Return-to-Work Protocol to support the return-to-work strategies of our partners.



Sonic Healthcare USA

Dr. Phil Chen, MD, PhD

Chief Strategy Officer

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